About Us

From the desk of the President

Arun Mehra

President, Janak Sewa Samiti
Namaskar Doston!
It is with some satisfaction that a humble journey started way back in 1975, has given us some cause for pride. Sneh Ashram, the old age home was conceptualised with the aim to provide the helpless elderly, a life of love, dignity & pride in their golden years.
In this journey, I was not alone. I was joined by YOU, my friends who never left me in distress, who never complained, just had faith in me and my vision. How can I forget my ashramites, who have unstintingly stood by my side, nothing deterred them. I cannot thank you enough for this, and yet this journey is still on. So Let us make it more purposeful and joyous.
This year, we have a special reason to rejoice, our long standing wish to provide easier mobility for the tiring joints has come true with the installation of a quality elevator.
Friends It's surreal experience to watch the happiness and joy on the faces of my elders when they interact with the visiting children and young techies, singing and dancing with them, celebrating their birthday with them.
I invite you all to share your love and joy with these senior. Ashamites are grateful for your cheques and would love to have your time too.
"Jeevamtah Bhadram Jaranam Asheemahi"; let us live a long, happy and beneficial life.

I love my age, old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
Experienced enough to do it Right.
Call from the founder President

Perala Ratnam

Founder President, Janak Sewa Samiti
H.E. Former Indian Ambassador

India is going through a crucial period of her history, tenaciously clinging to a fast sagging but an Inspiring socialist democracy. She is facing a serious challenge of her very existence as a free country. We should be prepared to meet the challenge with a deep sense of patriotism, complete dedication coupled with strict discipline and hard work. We should, for example, ruthlessly eradicate rampant corruption, sychophancy , etc.,which are eating into the very vitals of this nation and establish in its place an Impartial and Just government which can function genuinely in the interests of the people. This will make our country truly great. Please take serious note of the lessons of our history. If we fail to act now, history will not forgive us, and if we Succeed, history will not forget us

Facilities provided by Sneh Ashram


Furnished dormitories with attached toilets backed by 24-hour power and water supply.


In-house medical care and dispensary supervised by qualified Physicans.


Fully-equipped common kitchen with outdoor dedicated & friendly female cooks.


A Library well equipped with about 1500 books and daily newspapers.

Temple and Sabhagrah

A Sabhagrah and Temple for spiritual discourse and practice.

Common Room

Common room with TV and indoor games .


A beautiful park has been developed in front of the ashram for outdoor activities.


Equiped with a quality elevator.


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